Sport Pilot Instructor Course Links

Ground Lesson 6: SPI/CFI Responsibility, Professionalism, and Customer Service - A Guided Discussion

Laws of Learning

Before Flight Lesson 1

Home Work:
The First Timer and the Family Trip
CSP intro flight guidance: - Please obtain from a CSP instructor

Flight Lesson 1: The Introductory Flight and Lesson 1

Home Work:
Instructional Safety
Passenger Briefings - How To Teach

Flight Lesson 2: Basic Aircraft Control

Home Work:
Collaborative Critique

Flight Lesson 3: Slow Flight and Stalls

Home Work:
Teaching Emergencies
Teaching Risk Management

Flight Lesson 4: Emergency Procedures

Home Work:
Visualization for Students

Flight Lesson 5: Steep Turns and Ground Reference Maneuvers

Home Work:
Ground Work: One-On-One

Flight Lesson 7: Landings and First Solo

Home Work:
Soft Field Operations


Flight Lesson 8: Short and Soft Field Landings

Home Work:
Radio Listening Skills


Flight Lesson 9: Cross Country

Falling Leaf Stalls