RUSTY PILOT DAY:  October 7th


Rusty Pilot Day: October 7th

Haven't flown in a while? Come enjoy the camaraderie of fellow pilots at CSP while knocking the rust off and learning to fly an LSA. No medical is required at CSP which eliminates one hassle right off the bat. Our friendly instructors will work with you to get caught up on what you've missed and help you ease your way back into the cockpit.

While we are happy to work with rusty pilots every day of the year, we are holding a special day for Rusty Pilots on October 7th.

9am-12pm: AOPA Rusty Pilot Seminar
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12pm-1pm: Lunch

1pm: Wings Seminar -

FAA medical certification, A kinder, more forgiving FAA?

Join Dr. Arthur N. Thorpe, Jr, MD FACOG, FACS as he discusses all classes of FAA medical certification including Basic Med.

2pm: Wings Seminar -

The Road to Proficiency for Rusty Pilots

Join CFI Luther Alexander as he discusses steps that out of currency pilots can take to reestablish currency and, more more importantly, proficiency.


All rusty pilot seminars on October 7th are FREE!


Basic Med Medicals: 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm, October 7th

While none of CSP's LSAs require a medical to fly, we know many of you would like to get a medical to fly larger aircraft. To this end, we are super excited to be offering Basic Med medical exams through Arthur N. Thorpe, Jr, MD FACOG, FACS. at W29 on Rusty Pilot Day.

Appointments are limited! Please e-mail us at to reserve your exam slot. Exams are $90 and you should bring a check made payable to: Urgent Care of Suitland

Basic Med Eligibility

Paperwork for Basic Med Exams


Additional Rusty Pilot Ground School

Our Fall Flight ground school series is set up with the rusty pilot in mind. These budget minded courses let you select the topics you are rusty on for a very affordable price.

All Upcoming CSP Ground School


Tips For Success

Rusty pilots who have the greatest level of success at returning to the skies have one thing in common: realistic expectations.  If you haven't flown in a while, a flight review is going to take some time. Rod Machado estimates one hour plus one hour for every year the pilot has not flown. We see this plus a few more hours to transition the pilot to an LSA, or for the Cessnas, to the G1000 panel. 

CSP holds all of our customers to a high standard. LSAs have a much higher accident rate than GA planes which is largely attributed to Cessna and Piper pilots with inadequate LSA transition training. We hold our customers to a high standard both for their safety and to protect our equipment.

That being said, pilots who come into our rusty pilot refresher program with realistic expectations about how rusty they are, the fact that they won't learn as quickly as they did when they were younger, and that they are transitioning to a new plane which requires a higher level of stick-and-rudder skill than most GA planes, will not only succeed but enjoy the learning process, gain new skills, and make new friends along the way.