Sky Arrow Sport 600

The Sky Arrow was Chesapeake Sport Pilot's first light sport airplane and is still one of our best.  It quickly earned the nickname "the arm chair in the sky" due to its tandem seating configuration and unparalleled visibility.

As a basic trainer, the plane is docile with barely noticeable stalls. It glides forever but performs impressive slips. A lack of left turning tendency makes take-offs a snap. Dual flight controls allow the instructor to step in from the back seat if assistance is needed.

The Sky Arrow is the preferred choice of trainer for our short customers as even the shortest students can easily see out and reach the rudder pedals. It easily accommodates all customers up to 200 pounds and some customers slightly larger than that, depending on how they are built.

An added fun bonus for this plane is that the back windows can be removed for flight making even the hottest summer day enjoyable in the Sky Arrow.


Take off distance (ground roll)
Take off distance over 50 ft obst.
Landing distance (ground roll)
Landing distance over 50 ft obst.
Rate of climb, sea level
Fuel consumption (@ 75% power, s.l.)

470 ft
890 ft
360 ft
660 ft
1,100 fpm
4.9 gal/hr

Service ceiling
Cruise speed (@ 75% power, s.l.)
Maximum Speed
Never exceed speed (VNE)
Stall Speed (30° flaps DN)
Endurance: (@ 75 % power, no res.)
Max range: (@ 75% power, no res.)

13,500 ft
95 kts
110 kts
132 kts
38 kts
5h 20'
501 nm


Wing span
Wing area
Engine type
Engine power @ 5.800 RPM

Max. gross weight (MTOW)
Standard empty weight
Useful Load
Max Fuel capacity


24.9 ft
8.4 ft
31.5 ft
145 sq ft
Rotax 912 ULS
98 Hp
3-blade, ground adjustable pitch
1,320 lbs
840 lbs
480 lbs
26.4 gals