Why Train Here?

Chesapeake Sport Pilot is the national leader in sport aviation having given more than 20,000 hours of instruction. Our highly experienced staff members represent nearly every branch of the armed forces as well as several major airlines.  They teach from experience and a passion for aviation.

Light sport airplanes make ideal trainers regardless of the rating which a pilot seeks.  CSP's planes are docile, with excellent performance, fantastic economy, and equipped with state of the art equipment and panels. Their nimble handling builds strong stick-and-rudder skills not found in typical Cessna and Piper pilots.

CSP's location is ideal for flight training. We are located outside of the Washington DC special flight rules area in a wide swatch of uncontrolled airspace. A small and very friendly control tower at nearby Easton Airports gives student real world training with ATC communications and our proximity to complex airspace near Baltimore provide opportunities for student to the rules to fly anywhere in the country should they choose.

CSP's community is tightly knit and dedicated to having fun aviation. Students and graduates of CSP often make life long friends in community.

If I've learned one thing as a flight instructor since 1973, it's that your ultimate success in flight training is entirely dependent on finding a good flight instructor. Nothing—NOTHING! —is more important. That's why I recommend Chesapeake Sport Pilot as one of your absolute best sources for excellent sport flight training. CSP's crew of exceptional flight instructors will not only make flight training an enjoyable experience for you, they'll also help you become a safe and highly capable pilot by providing you with fundamental stick-and-rudder skills as well as practical flight management skills. CSP has my highest recommendation for excellence in sport pilot flight training.


- Rod Machado, Author